teaching feedback & reviews.

what did the instructor do exceptionally well?

“Julia was the best teacher in terms of content and engagement. She kept it super exciting and explained everything super well without letting it get dry.”

“Super kind, I had ankle surgery and was struggling with my assignment because I missed a class and she explained parts of the assignment that I was having trouble with!”

“Her dedication to helping us was just amazing. She stayed more than 40 mins after the class with us, just to help. I couldn’t be happier with the help she provides to each one of us.”

“Julia is the best. She was always there to help us find a solution to our problem. Even though she gave a lot of information at the same time it didn’t feel overwhelming, because she would take the time to answer our questions or do a demo.”

“She had a great personality! She knows what’s she’s talking about, structures it really well and was amazingly helpful- she made us feel really comfortable about giving feedback, asking questions and structuring the course. You could tell she put a lot of effort and thought into this, which I loved.”

“Julia did an amazing job! She was able to simplify the complexities of Google Ads and relay information in an easy-to-follow manner. Walking us through the Google Ads platform also really helped.”

in which area(s) could the instructor improve?

“None. She’s a boss. Give her awards. She’s amazing.”

“Honestly, I give Julia 11/10 she was always there even after class when my display ad wouldn’t save she stayed and helped me make it happen.”

do you have any other comments or feedback to share about this module or instructor?

“Nope! She’s amazing. I couldn’t believe that she has never taught before.”

“You were amazing for your first time teaching, and you should really consider doing that now often”

“Julia is great, we were so lucky to learn from her. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so much Julia. This module is def one of the top helpful ones so far and I’m much more confident now with the idea of using google ads”

“I loved the format of the assignment- being able to stop, digest and put one thing we learned at a time into the assignment instead of being taught a buttload of information and then being let loose to remember 4 days worth of info and navigate it on our own. Doing it bit by bit also really enabled us to ask questions when we didn’t understand one section without the snowball of being lost and not really knowing where to ask. The in class time to work and ask questions was also really helpful.”