lead generation

Lead generation encompasses everything from vendor management to paid advertising, and is essentially the strategy and execution of getting your business more clients or customers through online and offline marketing efforts.

integrated marketing strategy

I’m a firm believer that marketing works best when all the pieces come together into one integrated strategy. It’s all well and good to have killer ads, but if they lead to a page on your site that isn’t optimized to convert, then your marketing efforts and dollars are going to waste!


For businesses starting out in the digital commerce space or brick-and-mortar stores looking to reach people beyond their neighbourhood, a solid ecommerce strategy can help take the stress and overwhelm out of selling online.

paid advertising

When it comes to getting your message out there, nothing does it faster or better than paid advertising. I love helping clients create a paid advertising strategy that works for their business needs, manage implementation, and constantly optimize to ensure they’re not overspending or underperforming.

social media strategy

Every business needs a solid social media strategy to ensure they’re reaching their clients or customers and getting their message heard (yes, even B2B companies!). I build social media strategies tailored to the individual business, suggesting platforms and posting frequency based on industry and reach, as well as content suggestions to help boost engagement and awareness.

pinterest strategy

I often say that Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, it’s a visual search engine! Product-based businesses especially can benefit from a presence on Pinterest, and the work you put in once can have effects lasting for years. For example, my old ecommerce business Little Shop of Wow still gets over 18k views monthly on Pinterest from a strategy I implemented in 2016 but haven’t worked on since!

data, reporting, & analytics

The one thing I hear most often from business owners and executives is “how do I know my marketing is working?”, and that’s where data and reporting is so beneficial. Through asking the right questions and manipulating the data to get the answers you need, data analytics allows you to find out which channels are the best performers, and which channels you should stop focusing your efforts on. Your time and budget are immensely valuable, and analytics helps ensure you’re not wasting it!

influencer marketing

There’s nothing like social proof to encourage sales, however there’s more to influencer marketing than just sending popular accounts free products. From influencer-product fit to managing relationships and ironing out contracts, influencer marketing can be extremely profitable but requires a bit of extra effort.

website audits & seo

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a web designer or developer, but when it comes to creating a lead generation machine, your website needs to do more than look pretty. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you show up higher on Google search results (and make you pay less for ads), while a properly functioning website will ensure the best possible experience for your visitors, leading to more form submissions, cart checkouts, or email subscriptions.

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